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Love is in the air!


Ladies and Gentleman, we bring you our new favorite photo created by the incredibly talented Carla McElroy! Love is in the air for Penny Lane and Petey; two dogs with remarkable stories of survival who have captured our hearts.

Both dogs met yesterday and they instantly took to each other. As we watched them play, we couldn’t help but reflect on their miraculous stories. Here were two dogs that would have died if PAWS had not intervened. They both battled serious medical illness and managed to survive. Watching them prance around the house without a care in the world made us stop and just smile.

So, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, we hope you will consider making a donation to PAWS New England. Your donation will help us continue to make stories like this possible. Lovebirds Penny and Petey thank you for saving their lives!

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Petey’s Story

IMG_5603Petey’s photos from Tipton haunted us from the moment we saw them. He was found terrified, hungry, cold, and completely bald from mange. It pains us to think of what this poor boy endured outside in the extreme cold of this winter, with no fur. Our friends at Tipton pleaded for us to take him as he was so scared in the shelter environment. Thankfully, PAWS New England was able to put together a rescue miracle for Petey and immediately get him the veterinary care he needed. To learn more about his story, click here.

Penny Lane’s Story

1902790_10105024958789184_2287367519696587970Penny Lane was found, wandering the streets with her puppies, with one of the worst cases of mange we have ever seen. Picked up by animal control and brought to an overcrowded urban shelter, Penny and her pups were hours away from euthanasia when we first learned about them. The harrowing story of how a dedicated group of PAWS New England volunteers coordinated the most complex rescue in our organization’s history captured the hearts of people around the country. Penny Lane is now adopted by an exceptional family and has her own Facebook page!