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Meet Petey!

Caleb_heatherphotoA lot of rescues try and pull dogs that require little to no medical care so they don’t drown in veterinary bills. A lot of rescues avoid dogs who are shy and timid since they are difficult to get adopted out. A lot of rescues don’t take pit bulls since they are so discriminated against. Thanks to our amazing supporters, we can break all of those rules and save dogs like Petey.

caleb_jeana4Petey’s photos from Tipton haunted us from the moment we saw them. He was found like this- terrified, hungry, and cold. It’s hurts our heart to think of the arctic weather we have had and this poor boy outside with no fur. Our friends at Tipton pleaded for this boy as he was so scared in the shelter environment.

Thanks to an amazing local foster Mom, Petey was pulled and immediately rushed to a vet where we could begin his long road to recovery. He suffers from demodex mange and has infected sores all over his body, but the vet believes Petey will make a full recovery!

IMG_5509We have been shocked by how quickly he is making a turnaround. Petey’s hair will take months to come in, but his spirit has bounced back almost immediately. The moment he was allowed into his foster Mom’s home, he visibly relaxed. His foster siblings invited him for a game of chase around the backyard and must have assured him in doggie language, “you are safe now.” Petey has loved cuddling up with his new foster family. He is sleeping away years of neglect and trusting more each day that he will never hurt again. We can’t wait to bring you frequent updates about this most special boy and hope you will join us in giving him a warm welcome to PAWS New England!