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Who Rescued Who: Celebrating the Human-Canine Bond

PAWS New England recognizes the unique and emotional bond between human and dog. We are lucky enough to share this world with these amazing beings; grateful for all of the love & joy they bring to our lives.

In honor of these incredible relationships, this year we celebrate the bond between YOU and your canine best friend! For those who have never experienced it, this special bond can some times be indescribable. Luckily, a photograph can express the emotions that 1000 words cannot!


With the help of our amazing volunteer photographers we’re excited to offer the 2017 PAWS New England calendar! Who Rescued Who: Celebrating the Human-Canine Bond

Join our calendar auction to be part of this very special event!

Bid on the month of cover of your choosing by commenting on the photo. All proceeds from the 2017 calendar benefit the amazing dogs of PAWS and allow us to continue our life saving work. So bid often & bid generously!