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Want to join our team? We’re always looking for people who can share their time and talents with us. We’re currently looking for…

Adoption Coordinators

Adoption Coordinators are our volunteers who see each adoption through from start to finish. They play a vital role at PAWS!

Coordinators are assigned a specific group of dogs on our site. When an application comes in for one of these dogs, coordinators begin by interviewing the applicant over the phone followed by checking references. If approved, the adoption coordinator puts the applicants and southern fosters in touch or helps to facilitate a meet and greet with our local dogs.

Each application takes approximately one-hour to process over the course of one to two days on average.

Apply to become an Adoption Coordinator
Do you have access to the internet, social media, and a telephone?

The more dogs we can foster, the more dogs we can save.

We’re always looking for foster caregivers to provide our dogs with safe homes and lots of TLC until they’re adopted.

Learn more about fostering

Home Visit Volunteers

A home check volunteer will visit the home of potential adopters or fosters to answer questions the applicant may have about preparing their home and environment for welcoming a new animal.

This volunteer position requires good people skills. You will have the important job of representing PAWS, providing important information to applicants while respecting the applicants homes and spaces.

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Do you currently volunteer for another rescue organization?
Do you have access to a computer for use while conducting virtual home visits?
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Fundraising Managers When we rescue dogs, they often need vaccines, medical treatment and rehabilitation. To help us continue our life saving work, we’re always looking for people with creative fundraising ideas.

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Transportation Volunteers We often need help getting our dogs to and from the vet, to foster or adoptive homes, and to pet fairs. We also get donations of food, toys and veterinary supplies that need to get delivered from the donor.

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Tell your friends about PAWS

One of the simplest ways to help is to spread the word about what we do. Link to our webpage, tweet about us, and tell your friends.