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Volunteer Spotlight: Diane Gendron

Profession: Nurse Case Manager

Current Pets: Sadie, Megan and Tuukka (all PAWS dogs), and Lucie, Lacey, my 13 year old cats (rescues too)

How long have you been a volunteer? Four years.

How were you introduced to PAWS?

I adopted my first dog, Sadie, through PAWS in 2007 and after I adopted my second dog from PAWS in 2009, I started to help out at events and with transporting pups. In 2010, I started fostering and then took on the role of MO foster liaison. I work directly with our amazing rescuer, Julie Adams.

What do you do as a volunteer?

I help out at adoption events, transport when needed and the new liaison project.

Favorite Volunteer Moment

I foster, assist at adoption events, transport when needed and coordinate intake, vetting, listing and transport of PAWS dogs in our MO sanctuary.

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