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Update on “Snow Dogs” Saved from Living Outside in the Record Breaking Cold

Last month, we shared with you the first photos of dogs Paws New England helped to bring in from the record breaking cold throughout the south. In total, Paws New England helped to save 45 dogs from hypothermia in the Memphis area.

This past weekend we transported our first group of dogs brought in from the cold up to New England. In New England, they are in foster homes while we help to find the perfect adoptive homes for them. This would not have been possible without your support. We wanted to take the time to show you where your donations are going too!

These are the expenses from just last week - we will have many more this week as we have many more dogs to get to vets or out of boarding, into fosters homes down south and in New England. We are working hard to bring more of these dogs to New England!

Sadly, not all our stories have happy endings, but all began with compassion. Some of you may have seen sweet Legend who was brought in during this work. Legend was found emaciated and near death on a property. Upon exam, it was found that she had an irreparable megaesophagus. The specialist who treated her felt that her megaesophagus was not conducive to a life without constant pain and suffering, and she was therefore humanely see free from her pain - a hard choice made from our hearts and the only one for her that made sense.

We can honor Legend by continuing our mission of helping dogs in need, and thanking you for your ongoing support. We know that you, our supporters, give all you are able to when we ask. We thank you for sharing what you are able to - your time, your money, your love and your attention.

Thank you.