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Success Story: Jersey

Paws New England’s sister organization, Rescue Road in Arkansas rescued Jersey, a one-year-old, female Jack Russell Terrier mix from a hoarding situation where she lived in a yard with thirty other dogs. Rescue Road was alerted to the situation by a sign that said “Free Puppies.”

Jersey and her yard mates did not get to go inside.

Because she wasn’t given walks, properly socialized, and didn’t live inside a house, Jersey wasn’t house-trained and kept her distance from most people.

Working together, Rescue Road and PAWS New England (PAWS NE) placed Jersey into a loving foster home where she lived with Shelly, her foster mom and Layla, a fellow PAWS NE alumnus.

Over thirty dogs lived outside in the same yard.

With some love and training, Jersey started to come out of her shell and show her sweet personality. She followed Layla’s lead when it came to play, where to sleep, and the best way to earn more treats. Shelly also started house training Jersey and slowly but surely she began to do her business outside.

This photo of a cute young dog, doesn't tell the full story of her history.

PAWS NE listed Jersey for adoption on their website where she captured her forever family’s attention. “I saw her soulful eyes and I was sold,” said Kathy, Jersey’s adopted mom. After a careful vetting process, Kathy and her family officially adopted Jersey who continues to thrive in her new home.

Jersey could not have been luckier in finding such a loving sibling.

Jersey and Oakley, the family’s four-year-old Golden Retriever are best friends who do everything together. Kathy said, “I have never seen anything like the bond Jersey and Oakley share. They sleep in the same bed together at night.” Jersey continues to make great strides with house training and understands that taking care of her business outside leads to plenty of yummy treats.

Oakley taught Jersey how to be an inside dog.

Kathy is so happy that Jersey joined her family. “Jersey is a blessing to our family who continues to melt our hearts.”