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Valentine’s Day Card to Fix a Broken Heart


This Valentine’s Day, you can help mend a broken heart  – while sending a Valentine’s Day card to your loved one! We’ll take care of the rest!



Although we already knew Michael was a special dog, we had no idea how special he was.   During  a visit to one of our veterinarians, he was noted to have a severe heart murmur and has been diagnosed with a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA); he is in the initial stages of congestive heart failure at his young age.  A repair by Amplatz prosthetic insertion will be undertaken at Tufts Veterinary School at a cost of approx. $5500.
Please help us mend Michael’s “broken” heart by sending a Valentine’s Day card to your loved one.  You tell us who the loved one is to receive this very special card and we will send it for you!
Front of Card:
Back of Card: