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Save Stewart


When you think about the face of dog fighting, most people conjure up images of large scale dog seizures by national welfare groups. The photos from those raids garner lots of media attention and evoke a public outcry. And while those stories are an integral part of wiping out this demonic crime, they don’t portray the everyday nameless and faceless dogs that fall victim to this atrocity.

Here is the face of dog-fighting. Stewart is just a baby, only 10 months old. Dog fighters dumped him on the side of the road, in agony from his injuries. A good Samaritan found him and brought him to three shelters, turned away by the first two shelters because they were “too full.” Think about that for just a moment… How overwhelmed by dog fighting victims must the city of Memphis, TN be to see a dog in such shocking condition and then have to turn that dog away? Stewart, already so betrayed by the human race, sat patiently in the back of the car offering nothing but kisses to his good Samaritan who was doing their best to help. Even in tremendous pain, Stewart was true to his breed. Loving, loyal, and forgiving to a fault.

Thankfully, the third time was the charm and our partners at Tipton County Animal Control and sister rescue Paws and Claws worked quickly so he could be rushed to a hospital. PAWS New England agreed to take him into our rescue and we have committed to ensuring Stewart never hurts another day in his life.

We believe it is important to give Stewart a name as so many dog fighting victims live and die without anyone with a soul knowing that they existed. We named him after a pretty cool dude, maybe you’ve heard of him? Jon Stewart has made a career out of giving an extraordinary voice to the hardships that face those who are “just” ordinary. His love and advocacy for pit bulls made him a perfect namesake 😉

Stewart’s journey back to health will be a long one, but PAWS will be there every step of the way documenting his recovery with photos and videos! Please be a part of Stewart’s journey, by making a donation here:

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And please, if you have any information about potential dog fighting cases, please call 877-TIP-HSUS. Help make sure all of these dogs get a name and a chance at a better life.