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Record Breaking Cold Hits the South

It has been a busy winter so far this year, but what is now unfolding is the true meaning of what our group does.

Record breaking cold is sweeping the country, and while you might be reading on the news how many customers are without power, what you aren’t seeing in the news is the faces of the dogs who live outside in this cold. Some have homes where they remain chained outside - with a crate, perhaps with a tarp to shield the wind. Others are strays who may miss the touch of human’s hands scratching their ears, but may also be lucky in their ability to hide under a warm house.

Our southern volunteers are teaming up with All 4s Rescue League who have been going around Memphis trying to help where they can - with tarps, straw or dog food. We’ve asked our volunteers to round up as many dogs as they can and get them to the safety of a boarding facility.

We have pulled 40 so far and can’t wait to share their rescue stories with you. Follow our progress on our facebook page: