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Help Trooper Triumph Over Paralysis

PAWS friends, we need some help. Last week was a $9,500 vet bill week with a number of emergencies and expensive diagnostics for some of our special needs dogs. It cleaned out every penny we have in our accounts and of course that is when we would get the call that our precious Trooper the Love Hound needs urgent surgery.

Trooper’s story is probably familiar to most.. He came to us three years ago through a partnership with our friends at Snooty Giggles. Trooper had an injury to his spinal cord that left him paralyzed and incontinent. You will not be surprised when we tell you that finding a foster home for a 70lb, paralyzed, incontinent doll of a dog represented quite a challenge. But thankfully Jo-Ann and Wells were up to the challenge and thus began a most incredible journey. Trooper has flourished over the last few years and taught us all a little something about the word “courage.” Trooper never has a “poor me” day. Nor does he seem to know the meaning of the word “can’t.” Trooper will drag, climb, and wheel to daycare, to wilderness trails, and to the comforts of his bed without any trouble. And he has become something of a big brother and mentor to multiple other paraplegic dogs in his household. His best friends in the whole world are Ralphie and Bunny. This wheelchair gang is truly something to behold.

But now this remarkable dog needs our help. For years, Trooper has battled a persistent infection on both of his legs. He has been on every antibiotic, had every type of wound care, and been evaluated by multiple different teams of specialists. Last week, Trooper developed a severe infection of both of his legs that is potentially life-threatening. Our team of vets have believed for a long time that he would likely lead a happier and healthier life with both of his back legs amputated. We had hoped that we could clear his infection first, but it became dangerous to wait any longer.

As we post this, just got out of surgery Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists and did great! Everything went as well as could be expected and we feel, yet again, a debt of gratitude to the amazing team at CCVS. It is his job to be brave and strong through his recovery course and it is our job to figure out how we are going to pay the bill. We strive to give our dogs the best care on the planet and this has really maxed us out financially rendering us unable to keep helping if we don’t raise some money pretty fast.

Please, any amount would be so very appreciated. All funds collected over the next three days will go towards Trooper’s veterinary bills. You can make a donation by visiting clicking this link.

Please keep Trooper and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We will be posting updates frequently over the next few days. Thank you for your generosity!