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From his first moment on film, Cherokee’s appearance is regal.

He is featured as one of the many highly-adoptable, but overlooked dogs at Julie Adams’ sanctuary. The story is all too familiar—his family was moving and did not want the trouble of making arrangements to bring him along. He was abandoned to face euthanasia.

Thankfully, Julie Adams stepped in at the last second and rescued him.

One Man's Treasure

Cherokee gives true meaning to the old saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” It is difficult to find a negative quality in Cherokee. He gets along famously with other dogs, cats, and people of all ages.

He is house trained. He does not chew furniture. He sits calmly at your feet relishing attention when he can get it, but never being so brash as to demand that attention. He gives kisses, loves belly rubs, and the only time he ever barks is at the occasional squirrel.

People who met Cherokee asked over and over again, “How could someone possibly not want this dog?” In fact, this is the question that almost every adopter asks. They find it astonishing that someone would have thrown their little treasure away without any regard to whether they lived or died.

A New Life

Cherokee now lives in Baltimore, Maryland with an extraordinary family.

He is adored by his parents Dana and David, his human brother Josh, and his furbrother McLovin, also known as Micky. Cherokee’s new family named him “Camper” as in “Happy Camper” and one year after his adoption they are still in amazement of their dream dog. Camper is equally lucky with the match!

He enjoys daily walks in the park, snuggling up next to Josh, playing tug-of-war with Micky, and being assured that he will never be thrown away again.

His story exemplifies the staggering number of highly adoptable dogs that are over-looked when people opt to buy instead of adopt. With over 340,000 dogs listed for adoption on, we know that there is the perfect match for every prospective family.

Until there are none, adopt one.