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One Nation, Under Dog

One Nation Under Dog is a complicated and unwavering story that explores our relationship with dogs.

PAWS New England had the honor of working closely with director Ellen Goosenberg Kent on this project. Our story is one of several showcased in this moving documentary. It's our hope that this film will inspire you to take action.

A Note from PAWS Founder Kelly Parker

Kelly Parker, PAWS New England CofounderWhen accomplished film director Ellen Goosenberg Kent first contacted PAWS New England in late 2010 and said, "I want to do a documentary about euthanasia of shelter animals in America and I am looking for a rescue group to feature," I nearly fell off my chair.

We formed an immediate mutual respect and partnership that led to a two year exchange of ideas, reflection, and insight that would form the framework for the "The Betrayal" segment of HBO's One Nation Under Dog.

As a complete novice to the world of film making, I could never have imagined the extreme emotional highs and lows involved in filming and production. However, when I watched the film in its entirety for the first time, all of the struggles, all of the gut-wrenching moments, melted away. For the first time, I knew a largely unaware audience would be temporarily immersed in both the staggering horrors and inspiring tales of survival present in world of dog rescue.

It is my greatest wish that the knowledge this film imparts will change the way homeless animals are treated in the United States and abroad.

One Nation Under Dog is a complicated and unwavering story that explores our relationship with dogs. The film chronicles those who would protect their animals with regard for little else, the many manifestations of grief from losing a pet, and the brutal truth behind the euthanasia of 4-6 million homeless animals in the US each year and the people who fight to save their lives.

Many people will leave the film unable to forget the faces of the many dogs in the background of different shelter scenes that were not as lucky as the dogs chosen to be filmed.

PAWS is pleading with supporters to give us the resources we need so we don't have to chose which dogs live and which dogs die. Help us make the killing stop and give all those dogs a chance at life by committing to one or more items on the action plan below.

PAWS New England and animal lovers around the country would like to thank HBO for commissioning this ground breaking work. If you would like to thank HBO yourself and encourage them to produce more films about this important topic, you can contact the director at

The Trailer

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Meet the Stars

Julie Adams

Julie has spent the last thirty years saving the lives of thousands of animals who make their way to her home.

John Gagnon

John's Pet Resort is a sanctuary for rescue dogs that may require special levels of training and rehabilitation.


Cherokee is a highly adoptable but overlooked dog who finds the perfect forever home.


Hope's journey from discarded pitpull to dedicate family pet is powerful and heartwarming.


Crystal's transformation from scared shelter dog to supportive foster sister is emotional and uplifting.

Take Action


Give a deserving dog a loving home.


Help a dog transition from shelter to home.


Help fund our life-saving work.

Spay & Neuter

Help break the cycle of unwanted pets.

End Gas Chambers

Stop this barbaric and inhumane practice.

Shut-Down Puppy Mills

End the cruelty behind the cuteness.