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Elly's Story

Elly, the almost fox-like 10 month old Dingo and Jindo mix, has one of the most inspirational stories that you’ll ever read.

She has gone on to become a therapy dog for her current owner, bringing light and happiness not only to his and his family’s lives, but to all of those lucky enough to encounter her. But as her deep brown eyes will tell you, there is so much more to her story.

How we found Elly

Elly was discovered by Memphis Animal Control and brought in to a Tennessee Veterinary Clinic with a badly mangled leg.

It is uncertain how she got said injury and uncertain where exactly she came from, but was not uncertain was the love and excitement Elly exuded.

Originally, she had been set for euthanasia as her leg seemed to be beyond repair, however her gentle and caring demeanor struck a chord with a Vet Tech in the hospital, and they made a call over to PAWs New England in an attempt to save Elly. That day the decision was made to simply operate on Elly and remove her injured leg, rather than lose this spectacular little pup.

Elly, now an adorable tripod, then made her way to a foster home in New England.

Getting Elly Adopted

Due to her vivacious yet gentle personality, it was assumed that it would be quite easy to adopt her out.

Elly was good with children, other dogs, and even had the ability to become a therapy dog—–how could you not love that? However, she had 7 applications come in and they all either were not a good fit, or fell through at the last minute.

While Elly was patiently waiting to find her forever home, it just so happened that a Veteran named Drew and his partner Brenda had been scouring the internet searching for the perfect companion to fill in the place that Drew’s former beloved Dingo dog Murray had left behind with his passing many years prior.

Brenda initially found Elly online, and thought that she’d be a perfect match for Drew, however he was still cautious.

Drew took about a week to read up on Elly, look at her photos, and contemplate whether or not she was the dog for him. Once that week was up, however, he took the plunge and sent in his application.

Upon receiving the application, the PAWS staff was ecstatic!

They knew deep down that Elly was meant to be a therapy dog, as she was so good with people and understanding their emotions, so seeing an application from a Vet felt like the perfect fit.

Elly’s foster mom Alexandra made a call to Drew and the pair hit it off immediately, so certain was Alexandra in the match, she arranged to meet with Drew that day and if everything went well, they were prepared to move Elly into her forever home immediately.

Alexandra says of the meeting, “When I say she instantly connected with him, that’s the truth! As far as everyone was concerned, she was his and he was hers, and the rest of us were happy to witness such a remarkable match.”

Elly’s connection with the rest of the family was also undeniable, including with her new sister Sydney, an adorable black and white pup who although is obedient, smart, and very special to the family, isn’t exactly the therapy dog that Drew had been searching for.

Where is Elly now?

Since being adopted, Drew has taken Elly to the VA where she has excelled at being the special therapy dog everyone at PAWS New England knew she could be.

She brings a light and calmness to all of the Vets there, and quickly helps them forget about the ailments that have brought them there.

Drew is currently in the process of getting her certified and has already ordered a vest for her. In the meantime, the pair visit the homes of other Veterans, where Elly helps to brighten up everyone’s day.

Elly has truly found her calling in bringing love and support to not only Drew, but to all those that she meets.

Her story is a prime example of why PAWS does what they do. Just because a dog may be injured does not mean they don’t have greatness within them. Let Elly be an example of what can happen when you save a dog from euthanasia and give her a fighting chance!