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Fans, we know that you are so tired of the snow. And that the bleakness of winter is making everyone feel incredibly blue. So we wanted to do a little something to give everyone a chance to stand up and cheer!

Petey arrived to the Tipton three weeks ago. His initial pictures broke our hearts. He was almost bald from a severe case of mange and absolutely terrified in the shelter. He sat in the back of his kennel shivering with fear. Thankfully, his foster Mom hero in TN Andrea Schaefer saw his photo and said that she would foster him while we worked on getting him North. The next challenge was figuring out we would get him to New England. While Petey is not contagious to humans or other animals, dogs with cases of generalized demodex are profoundly immune-compromised. Since we couldn’t put Petey on our usual transport, we needed to find a chauffeur to drive him all the way from TN to New England.

Well friends, you may have guessed it! Our phenomenal PAWS New England team that traveled to TN this weekend is bringing our boy back as we type… He is safely in the car with our very own Dunkin Dude, the Scarecrow, and Pup Magnet! Stay tuned for pictures of Petey’s Freedom Ride home to New England where a very special foster home awaits his arrival…

Please wish Petey and his travelers a safe ride to New England!