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BREAKING NEWS. A Remarkable Rescue is Underway!

Willie_5On the same day, two of the most sickly senior stray dogs came in to Tipton County Animal Control. Their eyes were hollow and their skin was covered in filth and fleas. Their sad faces told a tragic story of a life filled with neglect, hardship, and broken promises. In these cases, many would advocate that elderly dogs with multiple medical problems should simply be “humanely euthanized.” But those of us at PAWS New England respectfully disagree and believe these are the dogs that deserve our best efforts.

11013271_592423487527784_5256592081708908518_nSo, when we first saw photos of Willie Mays and Red Sox Rosie we decided that they deserved mobilization of all PAWS resources. And, boy oh boy, has it been an exciting 48 hours! In the morning, rescue heroes Coach Comeback and the Diva of the Diamond, will be boarding a plane to change Willie and Rosie’s life forever. Coach Comeback and Willie Mays will be driving back to a team of medical specialists in Ohio. Thanks to an anonymous sponsor, the Diva of the Diamond and Red Sox Rosie (our Baseball Babes!) will be jet-setting back to New England for world-class veterinary care.

The next 24 hours will be game-changing for these two deserving underdogs. We hope that you will follow this Cinderella Team on Facebook tomorrow as they discover how great life is when the “curse is reversed!” And, if you believe that dogs like Willie and Rosie deserve a chance, please consider making a donation to their care by clicking the link below.

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Thank you for your support!

Willie Mays, Red Sox Rosie, Coach Comeback, and the Diva of the Diamond

Meet the Rescue Roster

Willie_1Willie Mays is a 10 year old, schnauzer mix who was found covered in so much matted fur, that it was difficult for him to walk. He has an old injury to his spine which has left him with severe arthritis and weakness in his hind leg. He has some vision loss in one eye and multiple benign tumors (and well, if we are being honest, a little issue with incontinence!)- but those of us at PAWS New England think this gentle, sweet boy deserves a excellent care and a world-class retirement home! Willie’s foster parents can’t wait to welcome him into their homes and hearts!

207625_10100198060586893_1925926_nCoach Comeback (his friends call him Nick Huckaby) is the rescue hero who is on his way to Memphis to save Willie Mays. He and his wife Alicia Huchaby saw photos of Willie at Tipton and immediately contacted PAWS with the offer, “We will foster him. We will drive to go get him right now. Just please save him.” Coach Comeback is the one who gave Willie his name and launched this entire, miraculous trip. He and his wife will be Willie’s foster family! They have cared for medically needy schnauzers for many years, so we know he will feel safe at his new home-base.

Rosie_beforeRed Sox Rosie is a 12 year old chihuahua who is only 4lbs! Rosie is severely underweight as she was fending for herself with a broken jaw and multiple infected, broken teeth. Had she not been found, we are convinced that Rosie would have starved to death. Rosie is very shy and spends the majority of her day cowering in her crate. We can’t wait to bring her to a quiet, calm foster home where we have ample soft food and a team of veterinary specialists who will be giving her world class care.

IMG_6888The Diva of the Diamond is likely a familiar face to long-time PAWS supporters! Becky Cloutier is Foster-Coordinator extraordinaire who has coordinated and executed many similar rescue road trips. She took one look at Rosie and did not hesitate to fly back and forth to New England to get this precious, fragile little girl. Together, the Diva of the Diamond and Red Sox Rosie will make up the Baseball Babes portion of this double-play rescue!