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Breaking News: Starbucks lady is boarding Santa’s sleigh!

Noel copy

This photo found its way to our email inbox last week with only one line of text: “please help her, she is pitiful.” Ten years old, partially blind, with such severe ear infections that she walked in circles, dog “A273545” would not even look up when someone came to feed her. She had given up.

Her image haunted us. We knew that dogs at Memphis Animal Control only had five days before they were euthanized and, with her poor condition and age, she had no chance. Without any intervention, dog “A273545” would meet the same fate as the nearly 6,000 dogs put to sleep there just this year. No matter how many times you tell yourself, “you can’t save them all” we could not let this girl die like this.

There is just something about the holidays that causes our decision making to be more emotional than rational. PAWS New England agreed to pull six new dogs in just one day. Each of them with varying medical issues- the most serious one being this beautiful girl who we have named Noel and a paralyzed beagle we have named Ralphie. In the chaos that resulted from rescuing six very needy dogs with no place to put them, it quickly became evident that a PAWS rescue ride was the only solution.

In an exercise of logistics that would make air traffic controllers proud, we have put together a rescue road trip that combines the familiar faces of Starbucks Lady, Auntie Em, and Trooper’s Mom and proudly introduces new PAWS heroes Brandi and Cindy Lou Who.

As you are reading this email, Starbucks Lady and Cindy Lou Who are boarding flights headed for Memphis. With Starbucks lady at the helm of “Santa’s sleigh” and Cindy Lou Who manning “Rudolph’s Ride” we can tell you it is going to be a wild next 72 hours. Two cars, two destinations, two incredibly special dogs… We hope you will tune into facebook because you are not going to want to miss a second! Noel and Ralphie, it is going to be a very Merry Christmas!

We hope you will consider making a donation to assist in the vetting of these very special dogs. All funds raised this week will go directly to the care of Noel and Ralphie…

Meet Ralphie

Rudy copyLast week, a good Samaritan was walking down a country road and noticed a little beagle dragging himself. He quickly made his way towards them and nearly squealed with delight when they bent down to pick him up.

His body was covered in road rash from dragging his legs along as he scoured for food. Fleas climbed all over his emaciated little body. When we got the call asking to take him, how could we say no? Dogs with hind leg paralysis take an extraordinary amount of special care, but PAWS New England has a secret weapon. Trooper’s Mom and Auntie Em promised to work closely together to get this special boy fostered and connected with our extensive network of physical therapists and veterinarians. With some hard work, a doggie wheelchair, and those precious eyes- we know that the sky is the limit for this boy…

Meet Brandi

BrandiFor the first time ever, we get to have a canine hero helping us evacuate needy dogs out of Memphis! Brandi is a PAWS New England alumni who was rescued in 2011 from Tipton County Animal Control. Brandi’s family adores her so much that they launched the “Brandi Project” to provide financial and educational support to dog-rescue organizations. Brandi found out about Noel and Ralphie and knew she had to help her friends. The Brandi Project has made a very generous contribution to help with the veterinary bills for these two dogs. She will also be offering her “words of wisdom” during the trip to help teach Noel and Ralphie what is means to be rescued!