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Be part of something extraordinary

Seeking an Elite Team of Volunteers!

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_Have you ever felt inspired by the work of PAWS New England and wanted to be part_ of our life-saving team? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the number of animals in need and wished there was a way that you could make a difference?

PAWS New England needs your help! We are seeking volunteer fundraisers to help make our 2015 Matching Campaign (September 30th through October 3rd) the most successful in our history. The pledge drive will help us determine the number of lives we will be able to save in the upcoming year.

All volunteer fundraisers will be mailed a team leader shirt to thank you for your leadership. To join this remarkable campaign:Front_back


  • Text “PAWS” to 71777 and follow the link to “Become a fundraiser”

What is a “Volunteer Fundraiser?”

A volunteer fundraiser is a person who raises money on behalf of PAWS New England. To become a team leader, follow these easy steps:

  1. Sign up here and set up your fundraising page in just a few minutes.
  2. From Sept 30th-Oct 3rd, encourage family and friends to donate to your page.
  3. PAWS will provide resources to help you fundraise through social media, text messages, email, and word of mouth.
  4. Follow along to see if, as a team, we can reach our goal!

Becoming a volunteer fundraiser requires no travel, no set hours, no minimum fundraising requirement, and is only a week-long commitment. As a small organization with no paid employees, our only hope of reaching a larger audience is with leaders like you. You can help bring awareness. You can help forgotten dogs find forever homes. You can be the hero that saves a dog from euthanasia.

You will become part of a dedicated online community of volunteers where you can exchange ideas, encourage other team leaders, and even engage in a little friendly competition to help the pups! You’ll have fun and, most importantly, you will help us save lives. Be part of something exceptional and become a volunteer fundraiser!