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How does my dog get to me?

You’ve chosen your dog, but they live far away with one of our fosters or clinics in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas or somewhere else. How do they get here?

Our dogs come to New England on a USDA-certified transport service.

Dogs make the 1,000 mile, 20-hour trip securely created in a temperature-controlled trailer. Careful attention is given to their comfort and safety, and several stops are made during the journey to exercise the dogs and provide them with fresh water.

The companies we use most are listed below. Feel free to visit their websites and if you’d like, contact them directly to ask questions (or certainly you can ask your adoption coordinator).

Note: If your dog is already in New England, you have most likely already arranged a meeting and pick up.

Important Info

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS NEXT POINT ENOUGH: Dogs can and have become loose at transport. It took one family 3 weeks to find the dog that they waited for.

These dogs don’t know where they are so please be very careful when you take your dog off the transport truck. Make sure that you have a good hold of the leash. Do not get distracted or let your children hold the leash.

The transporters will use your leash like a noose. Do not remove this until you are in your car. They will not put a collar on them, as there is too much room for error if it is too loose. Bring it with you to put on in the car but be sure it fits!

Transportation Providers

Petersen Express Transport Service (PETS)

Pam and Kyle Petersen are the owners/operators of PETS and huge animal lovers.

We have come to know them and their wonderful staff over the last few years. Traci, who founded our group, used them when she was a one-woman rescuer and we have never lost faith in them. They are professionals to the maximum.

Schedule for Arrivals: PETS arrivals are weekly on Saturdays into Parsippany, Glastonbury, Plainfield, and Windham. Dogs in our Memphis location use this transport.


Alpha Dog Transport

Greg and Kelly O’Brien are the owner/operators of this service. You’ll know Jeff when he’s arriving in his big yellow pick up. Trust us, you can’t miss it!

Schedule for Arrivals: Alpha Dog delivers pups on Saturdays weekly into Parsipanny, Waterbury, Plainfield and Nashua. Dogs in our Texas, Arkansas, and Kentucky locations use this transport.