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The Adoption Process

Thanks for your interest in providing a PAWS dog with a safe and loving home.

Here’s how our adoption process works.

1. Find a dog

Check out our list of currently available dogs. The list is updated regularly, so if you don’t find the perfect match today, check back soon!

2. Submit an Adoption Form

When you find a dog you like, submit an Adoption Form.

Your form gets routed to one of our adoption coordinators, who will contact you to discuss your decision to adopt.

(We are staffed entirely by volunteers, and sometimes it can take us a few days to contact you. Sorry in advance!)

Unfortunately, you may not be the only one interested in adopting a particular dog. If you don’t get your first choice, don’t worry! PAWS has plenty of great dogs in need of loving homes.

3. Bringing your new dog home

After you’ve been accepted, your dog’s foster parent will coordinate with you to get your new pack member home.

Sometimes our dogs are still being fostered with one of our volunteers in South. We partner with a few wonderful pet transportation services.

PAWS charges a fee—much smaller than you’d pay if you purchased a dog—for all of our adoptions. This helps offset the cost of rescue and rehabilitation, and allows us to save more lives.