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Jiggly Puff

A photo of Jiggly PuffA photo of Jiggly PuffA photo of Jiggly PuffA photo of Jiggly Puff
Size: Medium
Age: Senior
Gender: Female
Breeds: Boxer, Terrier

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Jiggy’s story is a little different than many of our dogs up for adoption. Jiggy was found wandering on her own in 2017 and was adopted out by our organization at the age of 8 years old. She was adopted to who became her dad, but he has unfortunately passed away. Jiggy is now 13 years old and doesn’t have a home of her own. 

Jiggy is a good girl. She likes to go for walkies, and enjoys playing with her humans outside. She is vocal and likes to tell her humans what she wants - whether it is “my dinner is late” … “i have to go out” … “I want a walk” or “we haven’t played enough today.

Jiggy does well with her many smaller foster siblings. She would prefer a longer introduction with dogs her size or larger.

Jiggy lived with multiple cats in her last home. 

Jiggy does whimper in the car on rides. She would prefer if her humans would let her know where we are going… in her language… and for that location to not be to the vet (although she is very well behaved at the vet). 
At 13 you can imagine that yes, Jiggy does have medical concerns. She cannot walk as far as she used to, and sometimes her back legs get tired. 

Jiggy is up to date on vaccines and heartworm negative. 

Jiggy does have stage 2-3 kidney disease. This is believed to be due to old age. She has started a prescription kidney support diet. 

Jiggy is a lumpy lady. She has three masses that should be known to her forever home: 
+ First is a pedunculated mass on her left back leg. The vet does not believe this is anything more than a very large skin tag, but it is surprising. 
+ She also has a larger mass on her right front leg. It is suspected to be a neurofibroma, but not confirmed. She did have several bumps removed during a prior surgery that were all benign, so we are hopeful on this one as well.
+ Upon her recent visit, Jiggy also had a mammary mass. There is a 50/50 chance that this could be benign. She did have a benign tumor removed at her spay (back in the day). As a 13 year old dog, the rescue has made the decision that surgery would be a hard recovery for Jiggy and it is best to ensure that she is spoiled and comfortable. 

Name: Jiggly Puff (aka Jiggy)
Sex: Female
Breed: Boxer mix
Age: 13 years old as of Jan 2023
Weight: 55 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: yes
Vaccinations: yes
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: yes

Dogs: Yes - dogs smaller than her and larger with proper slow introductions
Cats: Yes
Kids: yes (based on personality)

Adoption Donation: $250.00

Current Location: New England