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A photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of KodiakA photo of Kodiak
Size: Large
Age: Senior
Gender: Male
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier
No Dogs/Cats/Kids

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Special Blockhead seeking Special Home!!

Please take the time to read this long post about this really great dog!!

If you’re a blockhead lover, you’ve come to the right dog!!! This guy is a gorgeous (even more so in person) pittie with a gorgeous face and a lovely personality that will suck you right in! And, if you have a good throwing arm and like to have the ball returned promptly and repeat, today’s your day to learn about your next best friend.

Kodiak (Kodi to his friends and family) had a tough beginning to his life but we aren’t dwelling on that - what you need to know is that the last three years of his life have been full of love and hard work with his adoptive parents. They took this boy as a foster when we couldn’t get anyone else to do it; they not only took him in, they worked with him non-stop to turn him into the happy, confident boy he is today.

Kodi would just as soon sit in your back yard while you toss a ball to him than do anything else - he LOVES his humans and is happy to be involved in anything they are involved in. And once he gets to know your friends, he will love them too.

And now the part that is tough - as happy and adjusted as he is, Kodi is a guarder of his “things” - what’s his is his and what is another dog’s is his -it’s called resource guarding and this includes any toys, treats, balls (especially) and this also includes his people - he wants them all to himself and thus Kodi must be an only dog to truly be able to relax and enjoy life. His family has managed him with another dog in the home but they have mastered this and we aren’t sure someone else will want too - so let’s just have him be your only dog and it’s a no-brainer!!!

His family has visitors to the house all the time, - big humans and smaller ones - he is 100% fine with them if no other dog is present.

Resource guarding can carry a concern when there are young children/toddlers in the home - and this lovely couple were overjoyed to welcome their baby girl into their lives. She is now crawling and starting to walk and it’s evident that Kodi will not be sharing any toys/treats or anything of his with her either as long as their other dog is in the are. This creates an unsafe environment for a little one as you can’t explain to them that Kodi won’t share and if you persist, he may not be happy about it.

To be clear, he has NEVER bit anyone or attempted to bite anyone, especially this baby. And he has played with older children with glee.

This is because he has two parents who are ever-vigilant and knowledgeable and who have worked hard to prevent any accidents.

Kodi’s parents have come to a very hard decision - in order for their little one to be completely safe and for Kodi to remain safe as well and make their other dog happy, it’s time to find a new home for him - one in which he won’t be separated from his humans because of a mini-human - a home where he can roam freely without the worry of someone trying to take his things.

The ideal home we want for Kodi?
~ Adults only without chaos (teens ok)
~ Large fenced yard where he can play by himself which he does quite well with his “things.”
~ No dog parks for this boy - too stressful for him.
~ Someone with a good throwing arm

This boy is worth it.

His current family will be involved in his placement as they adore him (as you can see from the photos); he is their boy but they know that in order for him to be truly happy, he needs his own home, his own space and boundaries when with his new loved ones.

Contact for more information:

Name: Kodi (Kodiak)
Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Sex: Male
Age: 6.5 years old years approx.
Weight: 66 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Microchipped: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative, on preventative

Adoption Donation: Waived