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A photo of JonahA photo of JonahA photo of JonahA photo of JonahA photo of JonahA photo of Jonah
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Male
Breeds: Chow Chow
Unknown with Cats

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Jonah’s life didn’t start out so great.

We got a call about a dog that was tied to a porch and abandoned during one of Memphis’ coldest days. The neighbors were too afraid to touch him so they left Jonah. Of course our volunteer didn’t hesitate to save this boy.

When she met Jonah, it was clear the type of life he lived, he was very unsure and head shy and running your hand down his back you could feel every bone in his body. He should have been a 50-60 pound dog and he weighed in at 38 pounds.  The first meal Jonah received showed her some of the mental scars left behind from his past. Jonah had some serious resource guarding that was not safe for anyone. He also didn’t trust us human and he would cower and become defensive if anything scared him. 

HIs foster parents (one of whom is a dog trainer) refused to give up on Jonah and began to build his trust and worked with him every single day. Fast forward to today and Jonah is a completely different dog. Happy joyous bouncing PLUMP CHOW CHOW. He loves everyone he meets including his canine foster siblings.

Because of his energy older kids are best. Because of his breed an experienced dog owner is a must.

HIs current humans can safely be around him with food and toys and he trusts and respects us. He’s gotten his routine down and will sit in front of his bowl until we give him the free command.  All of our dogs are fed in their kennel so they have boundaries and feel safe .

Jonah loves food time but not as much as he loves walk time! This boy will bring you the leash to go out and explore the outdoors. So an active lifestyle would be best! 

Name: Jonah
Breed: Chow Chow
Sex: Male
Age: 1 ½ years  (estimated)
Weight: 50 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative on recent testing
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Older (he’s rambunctious)
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $500.00  (includes transport fee when applicable)

Location of dog currently:  Memphis  TN 


Paws New England is a foster-based rescue - our dogs reside in various locations throughout the south and New England.  

Adoption donations cover pre-adoption vet costs (including vaccinations, spay/neuter when age appropriate, and heartworm testing/treatment when necessary), a microchip, and transportation to New England if necessary.

Donations for our young, healthy puppies and dogs support their fellow canines of advanced age or suffering from injuries and abuse whose donations are reduced but whose veterinary costs are typically much higher. We appreciate your understanding that your newly adopted dog will help others in need.