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A photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of MonroeA photo of Monroe
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Australian Kelpie, Terrier

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Meet Monroe!!

This girl is so stunningly beautiful with a soft & shiny cost of dark and light chocolate coloring.
“Moni” can be best described as the energizer bunny mixed with the Tasmanian devil.
Her adopter must have a sense of humor, be relatively in shape (or want to be), and a have carefree outlook on life.

Envision chasing around a high-energy, very fast, and agile toddler. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it…? I promise you, your life won’t be boring. You will not have time to feel bad for yourself or despondent because you will be too busy making sure Moni isn’t taking all your newly folded clothes out of the hamper and joyfully flipping them around.

Moni does counter surf, (working on that), but right now just think of that as a helpful reminder to thoroughly rinse your dirty dishes or get them in the dishwasher ASAP.

And those dreaded monthly bills, no more problems with those! She will shred those in a minute!
Also don’t worry about separation anxiety. This girl will gladly leave your side to tear up your toilet paper roll in the bathroom. But this girl is smart as a whip and responds to “drop it” so if you can catch her before she has strewn it all over your house, you are golden!!

As 2023 approaches, you can totally ignore all the gym specials and new weight loss programs,
Monroe is your solution for that New Year resolution, as she will guarantee you will not be a couch potato. She doesn’t sit down for very long, and always expects a treat with EVERY sit.

But seriously, this special girl just LOVES DOGS, PEOPLE, and is unbothered by cats. Older children that are dog savvy and understand that a puppy can be jumpy should be fine. She is truly super sweet. She loves to jump, play, run, and is just a big, goofy, funny baby that is FULL of personality!!!

Moni is kennel/Crate trained and will not destroy her toys or bedding (but may still have an occasional accident if left long hours). She walks on a leash, but is best with a harness, she tends to pull quite a bit without one.

It is truly amazing to watch this girl as she thinks everything in life is exciting, new, and interesting, and honestly, since she spent her first 5 ½ months tied up outside with minimal interactions, this completely makes sense.

Her perfect home would be structured and active. An energetic young dog with a rough-and-tumble play style would be very helpful. However, a tolerant, mature, balanced doggie buddy she can learn from would also be good.

Her potential is AMAZING, and she is just waiting for her person/family to unlock it.

A peek at a little training session:

Name: Monroe
Breed: Australian Kelpie/Terrier
Sex: Female
Age: 6 months
Weight: 26lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Too young (testing is usually done at 6 months)
Housetrained:  Almost there
Microchipped: Yes

Location of dog currently:  Memphis  TN   

Puppy Adoption Fee:  $550.00

Adoption fee also includes transport fee.

ATTENTION PUPPY ADOPTERS:  You will be required to attend training/behavior classes with your new dog unless you are experienced dog owners and your adoption coordinator is comfortable with your experience.  This requirement is for the benefit of you and your puppy so if you experience behavior issues you have a point of contact.  

PLEASE - Think long and hard before adopting a puppy - consider the lifestyle change this puppy will come with - he cannot be crated for more than 3-4 hours at a time until he’s older, puppy proofing your home will be necessary, puppies scratch and nip so if you have small children, can they handle this?? Training will be so important in this puppy’s life, do you have the time??

Please consider purchasing this book before adopting.  Perfect Puppy in 7 Days - How to Start Your Puppy Off Right, Sophia Yin, DVM - it is an amazing book that we recommend very highly and have had amazing feedback on.


Paws New England is a foster-based rescue - our dogs reside in various locations throughout the south and New England.  

Adoption donations cover pre-adoption vet costs (including vaccinations, spay/neuter when age appropriate, and heartworm testing/treatment when necessary), a microchip, and transportation to New England if necessary.

Donations for our young, healthy puppies and dogs support their fellow canines of advanced age or suffering from injuries and abuse whose donations are reduced but whose veterinary costs are typically much higher. We appreciate your understanding that your newly adopted dog will help others in need.