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A photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of SheliaA photo of Shelia
Size: Large
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Golden Retriever, Shepherd
Unknown with Cats

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We’ve been having trouble finding just the right fit for Shelia - so we are trying again - please read what we really feel is needed for this girl - her foster mother knows her well.

Fenced yard - this is not always a requirement for our dogs but for this girl, she enjoys too much being able to be outside - she loves it and won’t be happy in an apartment setting no matter how much you can get her out for walks etc.

Shelia requires slow introductions to dogs - by slow we mean a couple days - she is not going to walk into your house and be enamored of your current dog(s) but SHE will make friends and love hanging out with them - she’s currently living with 3 dogs, one female and two males of varying sizes. It can be done but you need to want to invest the time.

Foster mom would love it if you are home a lot - so she can be outside as much as possible - yard, hikes, walks, car rides.

Are you the outdoorsy type and looking for a friend to share your adventures with? Shelia is your girl!

She loves to swim, hike, jog, chase balls and spend time in the yard playing with her foster buddies.

She is doing a great job of meeting new people, we just go slowly and give her time and space. She loves receiving affection, belly rubs, getting brushed and being told she is pretty. Shelia has met older children ages 12+ and done well!

Shelia is crate trained (but not needed), house trained, and walks on a leash well. When playtime is over, she is happy to come inside and snooze in the sun. And better yet, if you’re on the couch, she’ll jump right up and snuggle next to you. Shelia is also a lap dog-will climb right in and go to sleep. A good way to stay warm this winter.

If you are looking for a beautiful, loyal, sensitive and loving dog, Shelia is the one!

Please note: A fenced yard is required for Shelia unless you’re super active, daily!

Name: Shelia
Breed: Golden Retriever/Shepherd (guess)
Sex: Female
Age: 1 ½ - 2 years estimated
Weight: 65 lbs as of 10-23-2022
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: on recent testing: Negative
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Older kids are best - she’s shy and grabby little ones may not be her favorites.
Good with Dogs: Has been good w dogs but we are thinking as only dog would be best.
Good with Cats: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $500.00 

Location of dog currently:  New England


Paws New England is a foster-based rescue - our dogs reside in various locations throughout the south and New England.  

Adoption donations cover pre-adoption vet costs (including vaccinations, spay/neuter when age appropriate, and heartworm testing/treatment when necessary), a microchip, and transportation to New England if necessary.

Donations for our young, healthy puppies and dogs support their fellow canines of advanced age or suffering from injuries and abuse whose donations are reduced but whose veterinary costs are typically much higher. We appreciate your understanding that your newly adopted dog will help others in need.