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Betty Brattle

A photo of Betty BrattleA photo of Betty BrattleA photo of Betty BrattleA photo of Betty BrattleA photo of Betty Brattle
Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Shepherd, Boxer
Unknown with Cats

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Arriving to New England on 8/20/2022

Ms. Betty is an approximately 1 year old stunning Shepherd mix girl with a gorgeous coat of golden fur.

Not only is she pretty, she’s also very intelligent as she wandered up to the home of a dog rescuer as stray and hung out there one day until they arrived home - she was standing on their porch table when they arrived home and apparently walked right indoors with them as the proceeded into the house. They couldn’t locate an owner and so she stayed!

Betty plays well with every dog she’s been around - she loves being in the yard with her friends and will play for as long as anyone wants to.

She has not been exposed directly to cats however when she went to the vet’s office she met their “clinic” cat and did not seem at all interested.

Betty is very motivated by foods and treats. She will go eagerly into her crate if she thinks there is a treat awaiting her. She gets very excited about coming out of her kennel when it’s time to go out to play. She is very well behaved in her kennel.

Another thing Betty likes to do is go for car rides - she loves it and does great in the car!! Hops right in.
She stays in her seat and doesn’t bother the driver at all.

She’s done with her leash walking although they admit they don’t get to do a bunch of it with her but she’s got the hang of it and will not have any issue keeping up.

Her foster family is working on house training still with Betty - she has struggled in this department but they admit they have not been as consistent with her crate training as they should - she will need some additional work in this area.

This girl happily shares her food, treats and other toys with other dogs - resource guarding is a non-issues.

Name: Betty Brattle
Breed: Shepherd/Boxer Mix
Sex: Female
Age: 1 year   (estimated)
Weight: 38.
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative on recent testing
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Older only because she has not been formally tested
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Not formally tested but had a non-reaction when meeting one cat

Adoption Fee: $500.00  (includes transport fee when applicable)

Location of dog currently:  New England as of 8/20/22


Paws New England is a foster-based rescue - our dogs reside in various locations throughout the south and New England.  

Adoption donations cover pre-adoption vet costs (including vaccinations, spay/neuter when age appropriate, and heartworm testing/treatment when necessary), a microchip, and transportation to New England if necessary.

Donations for our young, healthy puppies and dogs support their fellow canines of advanced age or suffering from injuries and abuse whose donations are reduced but whose veterinary costs are typically much higher. We appreciate your understanding that your newly adopted dog will help others in need.