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Lilly - Special Needs

A photo of Lilly - Special NeedsA photo of Lilly - Special NeedsA photo of Lilly - Special NeedsA photo of Lilly - Special Needs
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breeds: Beagle, Retriever
Unknown with Cats
Special Needs

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She may be different, but she’s sure special too!!  This pup ADORES DOGS AND KIDS!!!  But… she’s special for an even better reason - this is your chance to love a dog who’s only “difference” is that she can’t walk on her own! 

Lilly was surrendered to Paws New England after her family just could no longer care for her properly given their living situation - on a third floor walk up with a dog who was hind-end paralyzed and in a wheelchair, it was becoming more and more difficult.  In addition, Lilly loves nothing more than running around the yard in her chair or out - she’s a zoom machine and has a blast!

Lilly’s injury was a disc herniation that resulted in her paralysis - we are actually going to have her re-evaluated to see if there’s any chance this girl may be able to perhaps spinal walk but if she can’t, honestly she has adjusted so well it really won’t make a difference.  If you decide to adopt this girl, we would of course cover the costs of a good PT work up as that’s the best place to start -  work on some strength with water therapy, laser etc.  We will do it with you providing her with the way to get there and the big praises afterwards about what a great girl she is!!

Lilly is incontinent - she needs to be expressed 3 times per day to keep her bladder free from infection - it’s so easy it’s ridiculous!  All you need are two good hands and her to be still while you do it and she’s a pro.   

Lilly is an absolute love bug. She’s  about 30 lbs. She does need to be expressed 3x a day so I express her before I feed her in the morning, mid day and then before we go to bed which is about 8 or 9ish. She does have wheels but the only time I’ve put her in them is if we were going for a walk on the pavement. She scoots around perfectly fine in the house and on the grass.

She loves kids and does great with other dogs though I don’t think she absolutely NEEDS to have one in her home. She is perfectly content snoozing on a warm fuzzy bed or blanket when I’m out and will hop up and wait patiently for me to come in at the door. She loves snuggling with her people and just being in everyone’s presence.

As Lilly will require a little extra care, we are more than happy to waive her adoption fee in lieu of you providing her needs at home for the rest of her life - expressing a dog requires pee pads (washable or not).  She may be prone to UTI’s if not expressed routinely - the importance of this cannot be overstated.  But again, it’s not that hard.  She should otherwise have the regular dog vaccines and check ups that all dogs have.  (Also, see above for a PT evaluation.)

Name: Lilly  (SPECIAL NEEDS)
Breed: Beagle/Retriever
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years 3 months  (estimated)
Weight: 30 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative on recent testing
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Yes
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: Unknown


Paws New England is a foster-based rescue - our dogs reside in various locations throughout the south and New England.  

Adoption donations cover pre-adoption vet costs (including vaccinations, spay/neuter when age appropriate, and heartworm testing/treatment when necessary), a microchip, and transportation to New England if necessary.

Donations for our young, healthy puppies and dogs support their fellow canines of advanced age or suffering from injuries and abuse whose donations are reduced but whose veterinary costs are typically much higher. We appreciate your understanding that your newly adopted dog will help others in need.