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A photo of ViolaA photo of ViolaA photo of ViolaA photo of ViolaA photo of ViolaA photo of Viola
Size: Medium
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Crossbreed
No Cats
Special Needs

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Viola has made her way to New England and is looking for a new home! We had a lovely spot with her but as it turns out this girl is not a fan of cats and for their sake she needs to not be in a home with them. Otherwise she’s a tremendous dog per her foster. She makes doggie friends easily!!

She’s great with children but still pretty jumpy so we think kids over 12 are best for her.

Viola had cataract surgery on her right eye - her vision in that eye is limited.- Her left eye had a detached retina and also has a cataract in that eye was not considered to be a viable option to restore sight. If that’s not enough, she’s deaf - she doesn’t care. She gets around like a regular dog.

Viola is such a sweet soul and has been one of her fosters favorite dogs and she’s met plenty of dogs in her foster career.

From her foster mom in Arkansas-
In spite of the challenges biology has presented Viola with, she is an easy dog to care for. Viola is partially blind and deaf. Viola has cataracts in both eyes, with no vision remaining in her left. Right eye had cataract surgery in march and her vision in that eye is still improving. She is the ONLY dog I have ever fostered who never had a single accident in the house. Being deaf and mostly blind has honestly not been as much of an issue as you would expect since you can’t communicate commands to her verbally or with hand signals, because she is so well behaved naturally. She’s also adapted very well to being vision impaired. She could only see moving objects that were right in front of her face when she first came to me, but it took me over a week to realize that she had that little sight because she got around so well in my house immediately! She has gained some vision back in her right eye since the surgery and it will continue to improve. I think she is getting close to being able to distinguish hand signals.

Viola loves other dogs and loves playing with them. My cranky resident has even come around and lets Viola cuddle with her now. Viola is a WORLD CLASS cuddler and a top-notch napping buddy. Sunday afternoon naps on the couch are our favorite. She also loves being outside and laying in the sun. Outside she also enjoys a good round of zoomies around the yard. Viola’s only real vice is that she LOVES shoes, so they can’t be left laying around where she can get them. If leaving your shoes laying around the house is a bad habit of yours, Viola will train you quick!

Viola would love a home where her humans are around a lot, and/or where she has a dog friend who will play with her. She would also looooove a house with a backyard where she can sunbathe, and do zoomies when the spirit moves her. Also, a tennis ball of her own to entertain herself with. She loves to toss it to herself and due to her limited vision, she occasionally “loses” it and has to find it, which she finds SO fun! It is really adorable to watch.

Viola is a WONDERFUL dog, and her future adopter will quickly realize that they have hit the absolute jackpot!!!

Name: Viola
Breed: American Bully, Boxer
Embark results: 31% American Bully, 28% Boxer, 15% Chow Chow, 12% APBT, 6% American Staffordshire, 8% Supermutt
Sex: Female
Age: 4 years old
Weight: 45 pounds
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: Yes
Medical: Partially blind and deaf.

Good with Children: Yes over 12
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Cats: No - no exceptions

Adoption Fee: $350.00