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A photo of GeorgiA photo of GeorgiA photo of GeorgiA photo of GeorgiA photo of GeorgiA photo of GeorgiA photo of Georgi
Size: Large
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Boxer
Unknown with Cats/Kids
Special Needs

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Georgi was rescued from life on a chain after years of living outside in the elements. He had an amazing foster in Tennessee who helped him learn to trust and accept the love he never experienced before.

Georgi is a very affectionate, calm, and quiet companion who loves getting pets, gives kisses in return and really wants to sit on your lap. He is always eager to please and easy to train. Much of the day he relaxes in his crate (loves his crate) or on his bed next to us, then occasionally will get up and patrol his home to see if he can find any treats we left out for him (intentional or not). When he wants / needs to go out, he lets us know by hanging out around the door and may knock some masks or his leash on the floor to get our attention. He is very practical regarding his walks, if the weather is wet or cold he gets business taken care of, but he is very happy to go on long walks when the weather is nice and there are lots of smells to explore.

A strong food drive helps with his training and he has already learned several basic commands with hand signs (sit, stay, hand-nose target, shake, go to your crate). Georgi is working on his impulse control both on the leash and around the house. He occasionally can be a bit mouthy or lunges toward what he wants like a squirrel or some food so a house with small children is not right for him at this time. Georgi currently lives in a one dog house, but previously lived with another dog, loved his canine sibling and always wanted to play. He plays hard and being deaf he makes some noises that dogs could perceive as threatening so a submissive sibling would be best.

Georgi is a wonderful mix breed dog who is deaf. This fact gives him superpowers: he does not get distracted by noisy neighbors, the barking of other dogs, loud movie soundtracks, or bad singing in the shower. As a result, he rarely barks and does not get distracted on walks by dogs barking from behind walls or fences. He loves to travel by car occasionally sitting up to gaze out at the countryside or sleeping in his crate. Training is straightforward as long as your hand signals are consistent.

However, his deafness does require a few accommodations: 1) use a gentle tap on his head or side to wake him or get his attention, 2) we always keep him on a leash when outside so he cannot get lost and so we can be his ears to keep him safe from things he cannot hear like cars driving along the street, and 3) training relies on visual commands (not verbal commands), but since few dogs speak English this is not really a problem at all.l

Name: Georgi
Breed: Pit Bull mix (maybe Pointer)
Sex: Male
Age: 3-4 years
Weight: 47 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
House Trained: Yes
Heartworm: Has been treated
Microchipped: Yes
Special Needs: Georgi is deaf

Good with Children: Unknown
Good with Dogs: Yes (Has lived with multiple large dogs)
Good with Cats: Unknown

Adoption Fee: $475.00